Glass cup of nature's goodness: Herbal tea with flowers and herbs.

Brew Happiness: Unveiling the Power of Herbal Blends

May 25, 20244 min read

Having a cup of positivi-tea!

The delivery driver announced the package's arrival with a "Hello" at the clinic reception desk. 

"Ohhhhh, THANK YOU", I say with great excitement, "That's all my new Tea!" 

I check my inventory as I boil the kettle, then get out the glass teapot, little glass cups, and the bamboo stand. 

Blue Butterfly Pea, Marshmallow, Heather, Chamomile, Valerian Root, Ginseng, Dandelion Root, Elderflower, Passionflower, Nettle, Peony Rose, Rosehip, Hibiscus, Raspberry Leaf, YES ALL HERE! 

 "Oh, are we having a party?" A colleague walks in.

"Well, it is FUN FRIDAY, but no, this is our new little ritual!" I announce. 

I set up the bamboo stand and placed 5 Butterfly Pea blooms in the pot, a small scoop of Heather, Raspberry Leaf and Elderflower and a slice of lemon. 

"We are having a revitalising hormone-balancing blend today that also gives our skin and hair a vibrant zing; now THAT'S Fun Friday!" 

I arrange the cups around the teapot on the stand, and we sit on the couches in the reception. The blue pea has made the tea ever so attractive and striking, bluey-purple. We all sip and, in unison, let out "MMMMM."  A patient walks in… "Ohhhh, WOW, look at this. A Party?"

Tea is instant wisdom - just add water! 

Numerous studies have shown that various herbs used as teas may boost your immune system, boost endorphins, fight inflammation, balance hormones, aid fertility, assist with pain, and even ward off cancer and heart disease. While some brews provide more health advantages than others, there's plenty of evidence that regularly drinking tea can have a lasting impact on your wellness. Why, then, are we not all making drinks and enjoying tea often? History also tells us that, looking at many different countries through the ages. 

Some friends, clients, and others I meet tell me they just don't think of it, don't know what to choose or have used tea before and didn't like the blend/mix of herbs. It tasted like dirt or medicine. Every sip of tea I have ever offered anyone, including those who say, "Oh, I don't like tea," has been pleasantly surprised. "MMMMM YUM, what's in that?" 

Now, I'm not here to really spruik of tea, But as a holistic specialist, I've always been a massive fan of alternatives and natural applications and have consistently grown most of my own herbs and medicinal plants (up until now, as we live in an apartment suite by choice). AND MADE TEA, our kids were brought up on my herbal concoctions, and to this day, they still see that as an added medicinal option to health and wellness. They no doubt will be teaching their children one day. 

Now, I am not saying use these as a substitute for medical treatment, but in addition and as a support tool! And, with medicinal alternatives, always seek advice as some herbs cannot be consumed with some medical conditions and on some medications. 

You love it, right? It's natural, safe, easy, and good for the wallet, too. All we need to do is choose a yummy blend that suits your needs! Easy!

Teas have health-promoting properties, like improving organ and heart health, digestion, sleep quality, and stress levels. They may also assist in weight loss strategies, increase and maintain energy levels, and boost mood in various ways - sounds fantastic, right? 

We have all heard green tea is the richest in epigallocatechin-3 gallate, whereas black tea is the richest in theaflavins. Research has shown that both can have health benefits. Herbal teas also contain polyphenols but will vary highly depending on their plant origin. 

Herbal teas have no calories when made with hot water and can be enjoyed guilt-free as they are made from natural ingredients. Herbal tea can encourage blood flow straight to the brain, which gives your mind precisely what it needs to lock in and concentrate. It's all about finding support for your overall health and wellness efforts.

So, brew up some goodness and let's get tea-riffic!

Reach out. I'm happy to chat about it with you. I have many strategies for making it all 'taste amazing.'

Life is like a cup of herbal tea; it's all about how you choose it, mix it, and make it!

Xo Dr. Dee

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Dr Dee is a renowned homeopathic practitioner and an internationally bestselling author and publisher. She is a leading expert in homeopathy and has shared her wisdom through her bestselling books.

Dr Dee Hacking

Dr Dee is a renowned homeopathic practitioner and an internationally bestselling author and publisher. She is a leading expert in homeopathy and has shared her wisdom through her bestselling books.

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